Brief presentation of conditions of service

1. Pricing.

Web hosting is a service offered by Verio in US. As such the cost depends on the rate of exchange. After the elections, the rupee dropped considerably. This is why our price for a basic website has clibmed from Rs.1500 to Rs.1700. We cannot promise that each year you will pay exactly the same amount, although in recent years, we have been able to maintain the same price.

2. Disruption of service

Another aspect which customers would like to stay unchanged, apart from the price, is the continuity of the service. While Verio's servers are reputed to be robust and reliable, it is obvious that a number of factors may adversely affect the unterruptibility of the server: the fibre optic link between Mauritius and the rest of the world, the weather conditions here and in US, the political conditions, breakdown of computers, virus attacks, hacking, and most probably this: upgrading of computers and software ! So, we cannot promise an unfailing service, even if compared to others our service is quite reputable.

3. Confidentiality of data

Websites are meant for publishing things. To publish means to make public; there is nothing to hide. However if you have sensitive transactions on your website, such as credit card information of people, then you must go for an SSL certificate. Even in such cases, hackers use various techniques to trap people to give their passwords. Once they have the password, what can we do ?