Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the price include domain name ?

Yes. The yearly cost of web hosting includes the dot com (or dot net, dot org, etc.) domain name. However, if you need dot mu, there will be an additional cost, and the renewal is not fully automated.

2. Why can't I buy the domain instead of paying every year for it ?

You can't. Domains are rented and renewed every year.

3. What happens if I don't pay my yearly fee ?

The service is pre-paid, just like mobile phone prepaid scratch cards. It lasts one year, and it is prepaid. And - just as for the scratch cards - you are not expected to renew the service. It is entirely up to you to decide if you still need the service. Many have lost their precious domain names that way, including the Government of Mauritius, who lost their domain name because of non-payment.


4. What if I already have my domain ?

Sure, you can purchase our web hosting services, without buying the domain name service from us. But then you must know that there is a 3rd service called DNS server. This service connects the domain to the web hosting service. Who will provide this 3rd service ? If you can handle the matter then it is fine. Otherwise, it is safer to transfer the domain to us.

5. How do you transfer a domain ?

There is an authentification code which you must give us in order to transfer a domain to our servers. Conversely, if you want us to transfer a domain you purchased from us to another service provider, we will supply you with the necessary code.

6. How much does the design cost ?

For the basic website, we offer 5 pages of website design free. For an editable website (medium website) - technically termed CMS, content management system - the design cost varies.

7. What if I want to design the site myself ?

If you want to design your own website, then it is better to purchase the hosting from such online services as Godaddy. There is no point in buying the web hosting service from us. Verio web hosting service is not as user friendly as Godaddy.

8. Do you support secure website hosting?

Secure websites require an additional yearly-payable service, called an SSL certificate. Verio has its own preferred SSL certificate, which is competitive, and reliable. There are, however, other issues involved in security. One such issue is compatibility. The web is made up of millions of users worldwide who read information online using a wide variety of old and new devices. The existing servers, especially government based servers are old machines, and it does not depend on Verio or Log In to change those machines, or upgrade them. Therefore, to allow systems to stay compatible (hence, useful) the decision to upgrade is not always an easy one.