Clean Design

It is all too easy to throw in all sorts of stuff - "just in case". We believe websites should be clear and obvious about the message they have to convey - especially valuable information.

Targeted audience

Either you want to reach the world, or just Mauritians. Your website should not be a mixture of all sorts of mindsets. The same image can look like a hero to some people, and a hooligan to others.

Proper wording

One of those people who did not take our services went to give it to a designer from India who wrote this: " Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance dans votre voyage!" As if the car was about to break.

Flexible email

Suppose you already have an email like Now you just bought You can then have such an email as which forwards all mail to

A web server has to be online 24/7

Situated in US, Verio servers have a very fast access to the Internet, and as you can see from the photos are well protected, in terms of power supply and power cuts.

What is needed

To help us design your website, you must prepare the following:

Overview, slogan, photo, specials, etc.
Company history/philosophy, etc.
Services/Products -
Detailed descriptions and photos of services and/or products
Your clients - Photos and descriptions of satisfied customers, etc.
Contact info
Links related to your business.


Once you have a website

After you have your website up and running...

Once your website is available for the world to see you have to let the world know it's there. Search engines will index your site within a month of going live but you must do your part to improve ranking. Encourage your affiliate businesses to trade links as this significantly increases your visibility. Put your web address on all of your letterhead and advertising. Have web-based only promotions. Start an active (e)mailing list. Your website is a powerful tool that you must learn to harness